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Sanitation has been a massive part of our everyday lives, especially with the higher risk of infection from different viruses, such as influenza, COVID-19, and other dangerous pathogens that may harm our loved ones. We Honor You Services offers dependable home sanitation services to keep your living space cleaner, safer, and healthier.

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Professional Home Sanitation Services in Ohio

As a homeowner, keeping your property spotless can be challenging, especially if your chores seem never-ending. However, during uncertain times, health and safety have become the primary concern of many families, making homeowners seek solutions that will help them prevent virus and germ contamination within their properties. We Honor You Services’ home sanitation protocol ensures to lower the number of harmful pathogens inside your home, therefore reducing the risk of possible viral or bacterial infection of yourself and your loved ones. Moreover, we utilize the right products and techniques to increase your protection from different microscopic organisms.

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Thorough and Effective Sanitation for Every Surface

Germs and viruses can live outside the body, but the length of survival time depends on the surface they are on and the environment’s temperature. Our home sanitation service ensures every surface in your house gets sanitized properly and thoroughly, whether it’s glass, wood, or stone. We will prioritize high-touch surfaces as these areas are more at risk of contamination, then proceed to the rest of your property. By covering all rooms and areas in your residential property, you will have peace of mind for months, knowing you and your family are safer from infectious diseases.

Sanitize and Disinfect Your Home with We Honor You Services

There’s no better way to guarantee your loved ones’ safety with regular sanitation and disinfection from trusted professionals. So combine our home sanitation services with our professional disinfection service to enhance your protection from harmful pathogens. Stop worrying and contact us. Let our technicians sanitize and disinfect your home today!

How Our Home Sanitation Services Process Works


Book a home sanitation service through a call or our online platforms.


Wait for your booking confirmation, and don’t forget to mention your requests before the schedule.


Enjoy and relax in your safer and healthier living space after sanitizing your home.

What Sets Us Apart

At We Honor You Services, you can expect the highest standard of sanitation service in the triangle area. Our team guarantees a state-of-the-art sanitation protocol to ensure a safer space for you and your loved ones.


Our sanitation team is trained and knowledgeable in sanitizing various surfaces in a home using specially-formulated sanitizing solutions to reduce harmful microorganisms.


Our sanitizing technicians have a keen attention to detail to ensure the maximum benefits you can get from our sanitation services, thus prolonging your protection from viruses, germs, and bacteria.


If you believe that we have missed a spot during our sanitation service within 24 hours, we will come back and sanitize the specific areas at no cost to you.

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We have provided various home services in the triangle area for over 15 years. So many residents have tried and tested our services and become our loyal customers.


We only utilize EPA-certified sanitation products to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens from contaminated surfaces without negatively affecting the environment.


Our company’s services involve approaches that minimize our impact on the environment, ensuring the safety of our c lients, the environment, and wildlife.

Reduce the Risk of Infection with Home Sanitation in Ohio

We care for your home as we care for ours. That’s why we offer dependable home sanitation services in the triangle area to keep you and your loved ones safe from viruses and other pathogens. So keep your living space clean and secure with our professional home sanitation service, and we’ll give you the highest quality of service your household deserves.