5 Signs You Should Already Get House Painting Services

A splash of paint goes a long way in making your home feel new again. By simply slapping on a coat of fresh paint, you can breathe new life into old metal pieces and wood. This  can bring character to a space, increase a home’s curb appeal, and add value to a property.

To preserve the condition and color of your home’s walls and ceilings, you need proper maintenance best done by professionals. Here are the reg flags telling you that you need to get a professional house painting service.

Warning Signs You Need to Call a Professional Painting Service in Ohio

1. Fading Paint

Paint fades over time. Even modern paints that have fade-resistant technology will eventually succumb to the elements. For example, walls constantly exposed to sunlight lose color more rapidly than walls that aren’t. In addition, darker paints fade faster than lighter hues.

Fading may occur when you use low-quality paint, use improper painting techniques, or use other chemical agents. Whatever the case, faded colors can turn a beautiful home old and unwelcome. So when the walls of your home lose their luster, it’s better to let professionals handle the job of repainting.

2. Paint Cracks

When the paint on your wall or ceiling starts to crack or flake, it’s a clear sign you need to repaint. The most common reasons for these are improper surface preparation before painting, extreme cold or heat, and the age of the paint. Call a professional painter at the first sign of cracking paint and get a solution before the damage gets extensive.

House painting services Ohio

3. Molds and Stains

Molds typically appear because of condensation, humidity, and water leaks. And when you live in a humid state like Ohio, it’s just a matter of time that molds emerge.

Though easy to remove, molds leave a visible stain on the walls and ceilings. Only a fresh coat of paint eliminates all evidence of a problem. So if you spot molds growing under your nose, you better call the professionals to remedy the situation.

4. Water Damage

Water damage is bound to happen in any home, from plumbing leaks to leaking roofs or heater problems. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to fix it the right way. Water can sip in the paint and leave a brown or yellow stain. However, painting over a water-damaged surface can be tricky; if done wrong, the paint will bubble over. So  when the exterior of your home shows signs of water damage, it is best to call a certified painting service to fix it.

5. Damaged Surface

If you tend to move furniture a lot or have kids playing in or around your home, accidents are bound to happen. You could leave a hole in the wall, leave scuff marks on the floors, or even have children using the walls as a canvas. Banged-up surfaces are eyesores and eventually stress people out. In situations like these, you can hire house painting services that offer minor carpentry repairs aside from painting services.

Affordable House Painting Services in Ohio

If you’re residing in Northeast Ohio, Raleigh, North Carolina, or nearby areas, We Honor You Services can provide you with quality and affordable house painting services. We pay attention to the smallest details whether it’s a touch-up job or an entire house painting. Call us at (330) 419-8126 or book our service on the We Honor You platform.


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