Everything You Must Know About House Painting:

Home painting sometimes seems like a straightforward job. You might be enticed to bust out your roller and do it yourself. However, it’s a task that requires a great amount of skill and time. It’s one of the most underestimated projects you can undertake in your home.

Factors to Consider Before House Painting

Shows on TV make house painting look like a piece of cake. What they don’t show you is what a chore it is preparing the surface of the home prior to starting. Before you decide to do house painting yourself, here are some factors you need to consider:

The Scale of the Work

The scale of the painting job has to be one of the most significant factors in deciding whether or not you hire a professional house painting service or do the work yourself. A do-it-yourself paint job can get more complicated the bigger your house is. A larger home needs more time to do the prep work and lay down multiple paints coats.

The Current State of the Paint

The age of the house you’ll be painting is also a factor you need to consider. Older homes have cracked and peeling paint that requires more prep work time. If scraping and sanding the surface for hours is not your cup of tea, you should hire professional painters.

The Condition of the Walls

Suppose your home has banged-up walls or a couple of holes in the drywall; painting it yourself may not be a wise choice. It’s better to hire professional house painting services to remedy the problem first before painting it over.

After a thorough assessment confirming that you indeed can do the work yourself, here are some painting tips.


House Painting by Yourself

Painting by yourself can be a good way to modernize and freshen up your home with relatively little cost. Here are a few basic things you need to know before getting started on your house painting project.

Exterior Walls

    1. Paint a properly cleaned wall
      Your home has gone through the harsh elements all year round. Therefore, you must clean your house’s exterior walls first to guarantee your painting project’s success.
    2. Don’t paint during extreme weather
      Painting your walls during winter may cause your paint not to dry properly. Meanwhile, painting your walls during the extreme heat of the summertime will dry the paint too fast and leave an uneven coat. To have a near-perfect finish, always consult your paint supplier on the ideal season to start your painting project.
    3. Use oil-based paints
      Oil-based paints are more durable compared to water-based ones. They provide better surface penetration and better adhesion, and they’re strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Interior Walls

      1. Prep the space first
        Move furniture and appliances away from the room you’re going to paint, or at least move them away from the walls and cover them with plastic sheets, drop cloths, or old newspapers. Fill any cracks or chinks on the wall with spackling.
      1. Prime the walls
        It’s best to prime the walls first before painting. Wall priming covers up existing stains and colors. This will allow the topcoat of the paint to stick better for a more refined finish. There are paints available that have primer mixed in already.
      2. Use water-based paints
        Latex paints or water-based paints are ideal for painting indoors. Water-based paints don’t produce odors as much as oil-based ones. They also dry more quickly and don’t crack over time, unlike oil-based paints.

Getting a Professional Painting Service

Unfortunately, a do-it-yourself approach is not for everyone. Some simply don’t have the time or skill to do all the work involved. Others want to have their home renovated as fast as possible. Whatever the reason may be, you can always hire a professional to do the house painting for you.

At We Honor You Services, we have dedicated, experienced, and skilled team members very much capable of painting your home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Northeast Ohio, or the surrounding areas. We know that the Triangle weather can be tough on houses, so it’s our priority to provide the best house painting that withstands both the wet and the dry.

Aside from house painting, our company offers house cleaning, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing services. Contact us and request a free estimate. We guarantee you superior cleaning services you will never forget.


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