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We Honor You Services is a trusted home cleaning company in Raleigh and Ohio. Whether you are moving out, moving into your new home, getting tenants for your rental property, or putting your home on the market, we got you covered! We take all the necessary measures to clean even the most annoying stains in your valued property.

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Your Trusted Quality Cleaning Company In Ohio

Residential and Commercial Cleaning services

We Honor You Services is not just a company. We are community-based and have been providing licensed and insured home cleaning services since 2007. Our genuine and passionate team ensures our customers’ 100% satisfaction in every project. We highly value our role in the community by contributing to community-based initiatives. And to further support our community, we encourage the youth by employing them in our team as ad passers and cameramen. As a company, we also support our clients by sharing their websites on our own ; this way, they can explore, learn about each other, and work together if needed. We are dedicated to helping all our employees care for their families, our clients, and our service. Thus, we teach them about all necessary processes to help them understand the ins and outs of the business.

Our Expert Care

Our specialized care is perfectly designed to transform your property into a brand new-looking home. We strive to make every place in the community clean and healthy through our disinfecting and cleaning services.

Our New Technology & How It Helps

To keep you in the loop about what’s going on with your property, we have a Zoom conference set up while we work for you. You can watch us work wherever you are with no worries. Whether you’re at home, at work, or enjoying your vacation out of town, you’re at ease as we work securely and by the standard. Every Zoom conference is hosted by our supervisor to further assist you with any questions and concerns you may have.

We keep the system safe and secure by sharing the Zoom conference only with our clients, advertisers, and those with whom our clients wish to share it. Our team guarantees that nothing from your personal information and belongings will be shared unlawfully and intentionally during these conferences.

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We Honor you services strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction

Leading Customer Services

Top Cleaning Company in Ohio

We seek to provide exceptional services to ensure
that our customers’ expectations are met.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We highly value our clients’ feedback. So, we’ll ask you to take a full day scan of your property and see if we missed anything important in our cleaning. Before leaving, we’ll offer you a 24-hour callback service. In case we missed anything, we’ll immediately send out our technician the next day to get back to you.

  • Quality Service

    We guarantee high-quality cleaning services for your home. Our professionally trained staff is committed to ensuring every work is complete. We examine your whole property throughout our service and carefully pay attention to details. And most importantly, we listen to you and your concerns.

  • How We Charge

    We Honor You Services charges at a flat rate scale – not by the hour, but rather by the service. We value our clients’ respect over their money. So, before we proceed with the service, we listen closely to all your needs and inquiries. We also offer a free estimate and full examination of your property to determine the treatment and equipment needed.


How We Work

We Honor You Services makes sure that you get the best cleaning services. Our dedicated team will listen to your needs and determine the most appropriate solutions for your property. We work with individuals who have a passion for cleaning to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.


Our team connects with our clients and listens to their needs before preparing for property inspection. We also maintain constant communication with them before, during, and after the service.


We do not immediately start cleaning. Our team will conduct a free estimate of the property first, then choose all the necessary service equipment. We stay connected with our clients during the entire service through a Zoom conference for work monitoring.

After Service

Our team performs a comprehensive checkup of the whole area after cleaning. We also let our clients inspect their property for quality. We guarantee our customers a 24-hour callback service in case they need us back.

Our Cleaning Services

Using the We Honor You platform to give you the best services for your home needs is the best way to ensure that you leave your old home spotlessly clean for the next residents or tenants. So don’t stress yourself out with cleaning. Instead, put us to work for you and get back to enjoying more of your time at home.

Our team will check all areas that need thorough cleaning in your property. We’ll select the most appropriate tools and start cleaning from top to bottom. Our service involves pretreatment, dirt and stain extraction, dusting, and overall home cleaning. We also check every detail from start to end as part of our quality assurance.

We Honor You Services begins carpet cleaning with stain and dirt inspection. From here, we determine solutions for your tough-stained carpet, then proceed with the pretreatment procedure. We remove carpet stains using non-toxic chemicals, then steam clean for better results.

Our expert technicians will check signs of wear and tear and other damages on your hardwood floors. Then, we will prepare the necessary tools to restore your flooring’s beauty and luster. Once we are done with the cleaning process, we will apply a coating to protect your hardwood floors from scratches, impurities, and more.

We will conduct a pre-inspection of your ducts to determine and deal with other concerns aside from cleaning. Then, we’ll start the duct cleaning process by extracting all the dust and debris. We’ll then conduct a final inspection to complete the cleaning process.

Our team will be wearing personal protective gear upon entering your property. Then, we will assess the high-touch areas or the contaminated places of a COVID-positive person and prioritize them for disinfecting. After that, we will proceed to the low-risk areas.

We will inspect your home and prepare the sanitizing solutions and equipment. Then, we will start with the high-traffic areas and cover the remaining rooms and surfaces. Finally, we will sanitize your entire property to lower the risk of viral or bacterial infection in your home.

We start our pressure washing services with property inspection. We will first measure the right amount of cleaning solution, then proceed to the pretreatment. We will remove all the dirt, stains, moss, and all impurities, clean the area, and conduct a last inspection for quality assurance.

We will assess your property and prepare the necessary equipment and tools for cleaning, painting, and carpentry/repair. We will also prepare the area to keep your belongings and other parts of your home safe from the paint. Depending on your needs, we can paint your home inside and out or just do a touch-up, making sure to pay close attention to details.

We Honor You Services delivers complete home cleaning. So, we inspect and clean not just your property but also your equipment. We conduct weekly cleanings of equipment to help ensure your family’s safety and health.